When we started this venture we wanted to figure out how to help people while offering an impressive product, to discover what this hurdle was we made a series of surveys, asking watch owner what they didn’t like about their watch. From the result of those surveys we learned that most watch owner didn’t like the hassle of changing the battery of their quartz movement watch. After analyzing the results the first thing that came to our mind was mechanical watches, they don’t need battery and the way they work is just magnificent.

But there was an obstacle, in todays watch industry mechanical watches are really expensive, most are sold in the 4 figure range top, that was an obstacle for us since we wanted our watches to be available at radically just prices. After countless hours of meetings with our accountant and advisor, we reached to the conclusion that we must follow our vision and decided to not make as much profit from our watches like the competition to suit our ideals. That's the purpose of HQM Watches; helping people and providing premium mechanical watches that will not break the bank!

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