In HQM (Hour Quantum Mechanical) we focus on providing only the best quality mechanical watches. To achieve our standards we use premium materials in the assembly of HQM watches. We assure your satisfaction. HQM was created with the sole purpose of bringing innovation to your watch wardrobe. The founder is an Ecuadorian entrepreneur and watch enthusiast who got motivation and time to build this brand after experiencing hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the complicated situation got him moving toward the realization of building the brand and doing something positive from the adverse moment, at that point HQM watches was just an idea but after partnering up with prestigious horologists the brand was gotten off the ground and it became more than just a brand it became a brand with a purpose.

We like to promote the idea that a watch is more than just an accessory, it tells a story. Each one of our designs were created with unique traits that make them special for every costumer. After an extensive design developing process we have reached our expectations with our ideal HQM watches design. We arduously work every day to improve our designs and are always on the lookout of new technology to innovate our mechanical watches. We appreciate your constant support and hope that you love your HQM watch as much as we do.

The HQM Team

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